Our Mission

In our small hometown, we see a lot of our fur neighbors, in houses and in the streets, not receiving the quality service they deserve. Why? Simply because there is none. Having three of our own fur babies, we first decided to open a pet clinic to provide them with quality services and pet owners a sense of relief. The clinic is born out of empathy for them. After all, they are family.

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Extraordinary Experiences


Ours is a pet-loving culture. Researchers spend a lot of time exploring what has become known as “human-animal interactions,” and the pet industry spends a lot of money promoting what it prefers to call the “human-animal bond.” But that concept might have been laughable a century ago, when animals served a more utilitarian role in our lives. And it was “deeply unfashionable” among scholars as recently as the 1980s, as John Bradshaw writes in his new book, “The Animals Among Us: How Pets Make Us Human.”

Our Core Values